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About Us

I am a retired teacher. I worked for many years with some the best and brightest people I have ever met. These students shaped my perspective on life. If fact, the memory of these students still shapes my life.

My wife and I live on 20 acres in western Montana. Our home is made of strawbales and cordwood. My studio is also cordwood and logs. We built them pretty much on our own from local materials or wood and rocks found on our own property. We have called it our home for the past twenty years.

The forested and more open parks on our land play a big role in what I paint and sculpt. The wood used for my sculptures is fir and pine and from the land. My paintings I have done were inspired by the views from our front windows.

The chain saws, drills, clamps, glue and various other building materials are used exclusively in making my sculptures. My pieces evolve spontaneously most times, and I rarely have a detailed plan to follow. The knots, straight grain, and rotten areas dictate the shape of the sculpted finished product. I really am surprised when adding the final coat of finish – the grain of the wood is different every time; so, the way the poly reacts is often unpredictable, but most times beautiful.

I now display my work at The Main Stope Gallery (  in Butte, Montana. Stop in. And, hey, I might be working that day, so come in and say hello and see my work in person.

Recent Solo and Group Shows:

March 2024  Square Foot Group Show - Main Stope, Butte.

January -February 2024 Out In the Wild (solo) Wild Crumb Artisan Bakery, Bozeman.

August - September 2023 The Poetry of Art (solo), Emerging Artist Series,  The Dahl Art Center, Rapid City, SD.

August 2023 Butte Inspired (group), Main Stope, Butte.

May 2023, Johnson and Keuch Show (group), Main Stope, Butte.

April 2023 Same Yet Different (group), Main Stope, Butte.

Sculpture Gallery

Moose Creek Art Sales: The Sculpture of David Johnson.  There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.


42 Moose Creek Rd
Butte Mt

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